Crystal Assembly

Campaign Synopsis

For years the native tribes of Saria have lived in relative harmony, only warring with neighboring tribes when one or the other trespassed, or broke some other established rule. The more warlike clans raided the lands of the others during seasonal periods, but never joined forces. Though the raids were seen as a problem to all peaceful tribes, there was always the belief that it was the problem of the tribe that got raided. It was the will of the gods.

As of late, all the warlike tribes are being called together on the barren plains beyond the mountains to the west by one known as One Horn, a massive Minotaur of staggering power. He believes himself to be the reincarnation of the King of Bulls, and is gathering an army of fanatical followers. The omens tell that the coming years will see much war, and that he holds a strong grip over all these tribes, to defy him brings sure destruction. The omens tell also that One Horn seeks not only domination over the land but also an unknown item.

If One Horn’s awakening is not bad enough for those of Saria, things were only compounded by the arrival of another problem a couple of years ago. People from a far away land to the east, called Darkuna, showed up in ships along the costline. The Darkunians, being a far more decadent civilized culture, set of colonies, and have been taking what they want for very little in trade, and slaves are not a delisted item.

The individual tribes of Saria stand little chance against one of these threats on their own, but the combined strength of all tribes may be enough to stand up to one of these threats, or at least provide for a good bargaining position. The tribes of the lands have many years of petty differences to overlook to get to a point where this is a possibility. A small group of individuals from a couple of tribes along with a sympathizing Darkunian has become aware of this reality. Depending upon the background the characters choose, they may have the support of their tribe in this belief, or they may need a little convincing.


  • Nanzad the Kordson – Kevin
  • Sergeant Major Hendrik – John
  • Ghostwalker the Moonspeaker – Max
  • Tronar of the North – Dave
  • Charnel the Storyteller – Dennis (NPC)

A Gathering of Tribes

Curryman Talisman Nanzad BigDave