Nanzad the Kordson

Literarly the son of the god Kord. Its not a title its a description.


Half Orc Barbarian. 4e


Nanzad is the bastard child of the God Kord. His mother was ravaged by a great beast in the forests one night, and conceived her son. Few believed her tail until the omens began around his birth. He was raised in the village to be a great leader of the Kordians. A psychotic violent savage tribe. When his mother died he left the village to see what the rest of the world was like. Traveling with his Shifter mentor Ghostwalker he meet Charnel and went to see the Whiteyes city. There he meet Hendrick and Tronar, together they are investigating the menace of the savage minotaur hordes to the west.

Nanzad the Kordson

A Gathering of Tribes Nanzad