The Shaman of the Growtharn Tribe picked as the Moonspeaker


Protector Spirit

Ability Scores
  • Str 14
  • Con 16
  • Dex 10
  • Int 12
  • Wis 17
  • Cha 10
  • AC: 14
  • Fort: 15
  • Reflex: 12
  • Will: 15
  • HP: 38
  • Healing Surges: 10
  • Healing Surge Value: 9
  • Acrobatics +1
  • Arcana +2
  • Athletics +5
  • Bluff +1
  • Diplomacy +6
  • Dungeoneering +4
  • Endurance +6
  • Heal +11
  • History +2
  • Insight +9
  • Intimidate +1
  • Nature +9
  • Perception +9
  • Religion +2
  • Stealth +1
  • Streetwise +1
  • Thievery +1
  • Soldier of Virtue
  • Sudden Call
  • At-will 1: Spirit’s Shield
  • At-will 1: Protecting Strike
  • At-will 1: Call Spirit Companion
  • Encounter 1: Longtooth Shifting
  • Encounter 1: Healing Spirit
  • Encounter 1: Speak with Spirits
  • Encounter 1: Thunder Bear’s Warding
  • Daily 1: Wrath of the Spirit World
  • Daily 1: Virtue’s Touch
  • Utility 2: Spirits of Battle
  • Encounter 3: Capturing Jaws
  • Adventurer’s Kit
  • Longspear
  • Dagger
  • Javelin
  • +1 Whitetail Totem
  • Coercive Gauntlet, “Blinky”
  • +2 Totem
  • Trail Rations (10)
  • Flute
  • Wooden Cross

Deep in the heart of Saria, in the ancient Blackmoon Forest, there lived a tribe known as the Growtharn. They were a mixed people, partly human and partly shifters – humanoids descended from lycanthropes, humans with the blood of wolves in their veins. The humans and shifters of the Growtharn saw each other as kinfolk and often intermarried; children were either full human or full shifter. The Growtharn believed themselves the beneficiaries of two mystical heritages. From the shifters, they were descended from ancient wolves and werewolves; while from the human side they were descended from the demigod Growthar, the Right Hand of Kord, mightiest servant of the God of Strength. Legend held that Growthar had once been a mortal man, who had adventured across the world and even to the far-off and mythical land of Grease.

Gorral was a normal shifter of the Growtharn, born to Carria Starwatcher and Jorrach Irontooth, two shifter hunters. Gorral’s childhood was marked by his talent with plants and animals, which he attributed to the “ghost-people” who helped him. The shaman, Moonseer, soon determined that young Gorral had the knack for seeing spirits, and adopted him as his apprentice.

Gorral trained with the elderly shaman for ten years before, in his eighteenth year, undergoing the Rite of the Moon Beast. Through an ancient shamanic ritual, Gorral gave himself up to his feral passions and roamed the tribelands, wild as a beast, for the three days and nights of the full moon. When he regained his senses he was accompanied by a spirit wolf who said his name was Mist. Mist was Gorral’s spirit guide, and gave the shifter his shamanic name: Ghostwalker.

Now that Ghostwalker was a full shaman, Moonseer advised him to travel among the other tribes: the humans, elves, orcs, dragonfolk and others, learning what he could and offering aid where he may. Ghostwalker took to this role readily, eager to learn and to teach, and found that the other tribes’ cultures were as rich and interesting as the Growtharn’s. In time, Moonseer revealed that Ghostwalker was on the path of the Moonspeaker, one who was a shaman to all the tribes, who settled their differences and guarded all against the Dark Spirits.

Among the other tribes, Ghostwalker made friends with a young half-orc of the Kordians named Nanzed, whom the Kordians believed to be the son of their patron deity. The Kordians were suspicious and warlike, but could not deny Ghostwalker a shaman’s right to teach and learn, and a strange friendship developed. Ghostwalker taught young Nanzed – who was shockingly ignorant of the other tribes – what he could, always wary of the Kordian elders. The young half-orc reminded Ghostwalker of himself as a child.

Recently, the spirits have grown restless and both Moonseer and Ghostwalker have become troubled. Strange rumors are abroad, not least concerning the Darkunans, humans from the far-off Stonelands. There are also terrible whispers concerning the minotaur One Horn, the most ferocious and charismatic leader the minotaurs have seen for ages. Worried, Ghostwalker has increased his wanderings, hoping to learn what the other tribes may know about these matters, and wondering which tribes will join together…and which will fall to Darkness.


A Gathering of Tribes Talisman