A Gathering of Tribes

You must stay and be our dance instructor

By Charnel the Storyteller

We left the Scared Earth village happy with the results we had achieved, returning the stolen tablet to the tribe, along with the heads of the grave robbers, and securing the Eye of Timor for all time. Additionally the Goliaths had joined the alliance, which would benefit greatly by having their iron strength guard the passes in the hills vacated by the Kordians.

Being tired of the desert heat (at high noon), I was relieved as we entered back into the forested hills, and started our journey back toward New Greeshan. Hendrik had said that we should check back in with the white-eye. Not sure why, but we will be glad to see what the white-eye are up to.

The trip went well for a few days until one morning when I stirred from my meditation to find Ghostwalker had left camp during the early morning hours. At first I figured he was taking care of nature’s call, but when he did not return I became alarmed. Waking the Kordson and the rest of the group, I ventured out into the morning darkness to call out for our comrade.

On return I found that the Kordson had had a dream about Ghostwalker, where he had departed camp with an Elven woman. The rest of the group had examined around Ghostwalker’s bedroll and located moccasin prints, which seemed to leave camp alongside of Ghostwalker’s. The size of these prints were smaller than mine, an easily could be those of a female elf in moccasins similar mine.

Quickly breaking camp, we picked up their trail. It was not hard to follow; they had passed, caring not if they were followed. Eventually we came to a twisted pair of pines, which had grown together to form an archway. Though natural archways like this can happen, this one showed signs of arcane influence, and I felt remnants of magical energy about. The carved glyphs and runes led us to believe that this was a portal. The style led me to believe it was originally constructed by the Ghost Owls, an Elven tribe of non-warriors well versed in illusionary magic who had disappeared into the Feywild decades ago after numerous defeats at the hands of the Kordians.

It was Tronar, who located the portal’s activation, and we continued on through following the trail of our friend. Venturing through, we found that it did in fact take us to the Feywild, as I had expected. Everything about the place was larger than life, and the colors were so magnificent – we just stood and took it in. Unfortunately the grass and undergrowth was larger also making the trail tougher to follow. At Hendrik’s suggestion, we spread out, and managed to pick up the trail again, but occasionally I was stopped so that we could take in the sights again… the Feywild pleases us much.

It was Fader’s fine ears that picked up the first sounds, and as he signaled for us to listen, we all heard the faint sound of Elvish music. My guess was that it was of Ghost Owl vintage, and I was right. As we moved cautiously closer, we heard the sounds of a party of sorts taking place, and though the thick foliage saw figures dancing to gay melody.

We cautiously emerged into the glade and though the figures were surprised to see us, the festivities did not stop, and we were even invited to join. No sooner than we tried to inquire about Ghostwalker, ale was forced in our hands. So naturally, I had to join and dance – in true Elvish style, except for the armor, and we wouldn’t allow the removal of that.

We found it tough to get much information out of these gay party goers, finding it necessary to seek information on multiple fronts with Hendrik and me teaming up on one side, while Nanzad and Tronar sought info across the glade, and Fader attempted to gain approval and acceptance through his moves alone by taking control of the dance. Tronar eventually gave in, losing himself to the dance and doing the lizard shuffle to the new fad, known as the “Fader hop”.

With Fader on the floor doing his thing, and Tronar swept up by the revelry of it all, Nanzad watching with a looks that kill, it was Hendrik and I who managed to stop an Elven gentleman while he watch and clapped for the impressive Fader. “Welcome to Kegg’r Glade, I am Crow Walking”, the young Eladrin said in a tone that told of way too many spirits.

We found that our friend, “the wolf dude”, had come into the village with Queen Seven Stars, and was currently her personal guest. This did not sound like it was going to be a happy meeting, especially with the look of bloodletting in the Kordson’s eyes. I would need to speak with Nanzad as soon as I could to cool him down, as I saw the opportunity arising to gain the support of another tribe if we played this right.

As Tronar regained his notebook from the pixies that took it, and Nanzad chased the faerie off his shoulder for the fifth time, we made our way toward the Ghost Owl village. Crow Walking took us directly to Queen Seven Stars, and Ghostwalker sat right next to her with glazed over eyes. Both Tronar and I could tell that he had been enchanted with some type Elvish charm (or had drunk way too much in Kegg’r Glade).

This only further enraged the Kordson, so I quickly intercepted him before he accused the queen of being a criminal who kidnapped and stole our friend in a way that would only end us all in a desperate fight with the entire village. Then I went back to work on the queen, and with Tronar’s help, I managed to broker a deal. We would not only leave the village with our friend Ghostwalker, but with the ability to call on the Ghost Owls for assistance during the upcoming campaign against One Horn. In return for this we would put an end to a bandit gang known as Stonefist and his redcaps, who had been a pain in the side of the good queen. Additionally Tronar and I were asked to spend some time with the Ghost Owls after the ordeal with One Horn had been concluded.

The Redcaps were said to be holding up in some ruins on the other side of the Wondering Wood. And being like many fey areas which I had studied, the group let me guide them through. I believe the saying was, “While in gay pants-less land, listen to Charnel.” Whatever…It beats getting tossed around by the pissed off trees, that are mad at Nanzad’s big feet kicking their roots.

With me to thank, before long we gazed upon the ruins, which held our prey. A little forward recon supplied by Fader found one way into the bramble covered abbey, which would mean the gang would have to go through us in order to get away. So in we went.

As we entered the dark chamber and made are way around the rubble cover interior, numerous severed hands crawled from the rubble to assault us as wall hanging skins animated as well at the command of ghostly priest, which rose as if protecting the area.

I took a beating, as I believe the priest did not like half-elves that much. Tronar proved to be the star as he did wonders taking out many of the hands, and paying the priest back tenfold for me. I did learn about a cool ability that we gave me, letting me see while others were blinded in the assault by the flying skins. I can still hear Hendrik cursing at the terrain and the blinding skins.

Once the priest was laid to rest, Tronar and Nanzad found that by returning the broken holy symbol to the altar, the spirit of the priest was released to make his final journey into the nether world. In departing he left us with a blessing from his god.

Leaving the church we moved through the brambles to an open courtyard, where Nanzad held the portcullis high as we moved in and fanned out. Only to notice right away that the brambles around the center statue seemed to attack as we got to near and the redcap gang members heard our entrance and came out to evict us.

This fight found that Hendrik grew sickle and tired of the shenanigans of the tough little gobinoid redcaps quickly. Between him and Nanzad, they made up for their poor first showing by hammering away at Stonefist and his gang. I accounted for myself well, as I ran to aid my comrades even as one of the little bastards gave chase. Tronar held his own, but Fader pretty much had left it on the dance floor. In the end they proved not to be much trouble.

The queen lived up to her word upon our return by removing the charm from Ghostwalker, and giving Tronar and Myself a small box with three silver leaves within. Queen Seven Stars said that with these leaves we could summon her for aid when the tribes needed the Ghost Owls. Fader was offered a place amongst the Ghost Owl tribe now if he wanted, as a dance instructor. I do believe the little guy in going to take her up on it. That night there was much partying, with Elven dancing as well, and I spent the night with a beautiful Elven lass…we were happy.



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