A Gathering of Tribes


And I am the Chief of the Kordians. Here is my account of our previous outing. I had just helped my companions rescue the slaves taken by the vile Whiteeye woman. I destroyed her vile compound with the help of my companions. I burned her place to the ground and severed her head from here shoulders. I then carved a symbol of One Horn on her forehead and left it for the Whiteyes to find.

While we were Helping the slaves back to the Growthar lands, I was wrestling Hendrick. We were approached by Tronar and a slave, err former slave, and naturally he wanted to talk to me. I heard his pleas. He asked me and my friends to save the rest of his companions whom had been sold to a scarred orc mystic. I agreed to help them. We would travel there and Charnel would take the freed slaves back to the Growtharian lands.

I traveled to the cave of the scarred orc with my companions, and we carefully crept inside. On watchful alert I arrived at a cavern with a pool of stagnant water near the entrance, and several passages branching off the back. Moving carefully forward Hendrick pointed out the pool and said,” Watch that”. I failed to hear, but Ghostwalker and Hendrick heard a voice call out of the darkness.

Before anything else happened I was not surprised to be attacked by Fish Cultists. I was however a tad surprised to see a giant Shit Monster lunge out of the pool. I was later told it was called an Otyugh. Hendrick and I engaged the creature, as Ghostwalker called on the spirits to aid us. I’m not really sure what Tronar was doing, but from the exploding Cultists I suspect it was impressive magic.

The scarred orc showed himself, and I charged to attack him. I was surrounded by lesser men when Hendrick raced across the battlefield to my side. I was so stunned at his newfound speed I barley realized that I had killed the orc. After that it was just mopping up the cultists, which I helped with.

We took one of them alive, and I tried to get him to tell us what lay below. He wouldn’t speak to me so we sent Tronar to terrorize him. I was irritated when he would not tell us the way through the maze that lead to there temple. “Damn cultists” Hedrick mumbled. Tronar killed the cultist before I could, and we descended into the maze.

After several miss turns we discovered the cultist lair. Advancing ahead we were attacked by more of the cultists, a giant snake, the Cult leader, and their loser god. Some stupid eyeball thing.

Being that we were fairly outnumbered I executed Hendrick’s battle plan, Get em. I rushed them engaging the giant snake. Tronar blasted all the enemies he could see, including some that I assume were cowering behind a table. Hendrick surprised me again as he ran up a small ledge and attacked the eyeball thingy. Ghostwalker summoned ancestor spirits to help us, and did some other stuff; I wasn’t really paying much attention.

We beat the crap out of them. The details are fuzzy, but we kicked large amounts of ass. I helped to rescue the Slaves, for some reason there weren’t that many left. Together we returned them back to their tribe the Sea Eagles.

When we arrived at the tribe we were welcomed to their lands. During the feast I was telling people about horrible horrible Cults associated with One Horn. Tronar and Ghostwalker talked to the Chief and Shaman and convinced them to join my Alliance.

--As remembered by Nanzad the Kordson told to Charnel the bard.



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