A Gathering of Tribes

Hey, Is this a stirge wound back here?

The session began as it was high noon in the desert, and only a fool would be found in its grasp. So it was a good thing that the group was hundreds of feet below in an enclosed tomb. They had just finished taking care of the necromancer turned gibbering mouther and it’s undead cohorts when Charnel made his appearance. He had finally caught back up with the group after being isolated from them by strange shifting walls – the Scared Earth ancestors sure knew how to make devious traps and were good at tomb design.

After recanting Charnel’s story and finding out about the exploding undead that the group had faced, they were ready to venture through the waiting portal, which would place them in the final tomb of the Twelve Lords, and pit them against the two tieflings (if they had arrived in time). This time the portal had not been messed with, and the group found themselves appearing on target in a small sandstone chamber with strange writing on the walls, large stone doors, and a small fountain, which they found themselves standing in.

Fader and Ghostwalker determined that there were no traps within the room, or on the large stone doors, while Charnel spend the time examining the walls and confirmed that the group was in the exact location which they needed to be – This was in fact the tomb of Timor, and the relic which the tiefling sought lay within. Now the only questions remaining were if the tieflings had come this way, and were they still here? Fader seemed to answer the first right away finding the tracks of two passing this way recently.

As the group opened the large stone doors, they saw more of the undead tomb guardians stepping forth out of the wall niches that had held their bodies over the years. Between the risen undead and the group lay a number of open pits, and it was Fader’s well tuned eyes that saw something else strange about the causeways between the pits. The stonework here was slightly angled toward the pits and of a different composition. When the skeleton’s began tossing javelins and the a couple of them had some type of magical power, which pulled the group members toward the pit, it became apparent that someone had to get to the other side to disrupt the plans of those across the way.

However when the Kordson and Fader found the slick stone of causeway to much to handle after miscalculated the jump, the fall into the pit hurt. At the bottom of the pit waited a couple of desert asps (why does it always have to be snakes), and one of the skeletons which Ghostwalker had already slid into the pit. As Tronar and Charnel attacked from the near side with ranged with lightning and insults, Ghostwalker popped Mist up amongst the skeleton on the other side, and Hendrik flung himself across to crash through the bone line as well.

The highlights from this point on found the Kordson and Fader escaping the poison bites and skeletal assault in the pit, as fader grabbed a hold and the Kordson found just how well the new boots he had picked up worked, as he scaled the wall as a spider would have. Tronar and Charnel took care of several with a great ranged assault, and Hendrik scattered the skeletal forces as soon as Kordson and fader and Ghost walker’s companion, Mist, found a secure hold on the opposite side. The clean up of the battle scene had the group getting everyone across to the far side, healing up and gathering up any goodies that could be found.

Beyond the next set of doors found the group face to face with Par-Tholos, a ghostly image that formed as a sudden gust of wind washed over the group. Swirling like a small dust devil, kicking up dirt in a funnel-like shape. The dust slowly coalesced into a humanoid form, a bald goliath male clad in robes. He bowed before the group and spoke, “Who seeks entrance to the Tomb of Twelve Lords?”

Nanzad normal response came first before either Charnel or Ghostwalker could mussel it, “I am the Kordson”. After that the group found it difficult to get on good footing with the spirit, failing to impress upon it with their good intentions (this marked the first skill challenge loss for the group ever). The group was allowed to pass, but it was as if they were also to be tested as Par-Tholos spoke, “If the gods will you to defeat the interlopers, so be it. I can offer you no aid. Chance and your own cunning are your only hopes.” The group did however find out from Par-Tholos that the tieflings were indeed still beyond the doors trapped by Par-Tholos, but they had found the eye. It was up to the group to return the eye to its place and rid the tomb of the tieflings.

After Par-Tholos opened the sealed tomb, the group descended into the darkness of the final tomb. As the group reach the bottom of the flight of stairs, the doors opened to reveal a large tomb area with many roaming skeletons, all stirred up. The group also found out that the tomb itself seemed to have a mind of it’s own, and liked to turn the party on each other.

As they progressed through the tomb a quite large skeleton joined the fray, as it exploded out of a sarcophagus at the far end of the chamber. The group also found that no matter how many skeletons fell, more kept crawling out of the rift, and they would need to find another way to stop them. As Hendrik and the Kordson combined to drop the big guy, they moved past him to a portcullis that blocked access to the throne room. The skeletons swarmed over Ghostwalker, Tronar, and Fader, and they followed as fast as they could to the entrance that Hendrik bashed away at. Meanwhile Charnel found another way by the undead, by picking up on something that the Kordson had said as he moved by everyone after one of his tomb caused attacks against Ghostwalker. Charnel did his best to appease the undead, and moved around them as unthreatening as he could.

The final room found the two tiefling waiting, and they assaulted the group as they entered. Thee group found that the eye also held the ability to turn group upon itself, and the tieflings used it as best they could, along with their devilish magic. Even though they had prepared as they waited for the group, they were found to be but a road bump when the group finally got to unleash their built up tomb jumping frustrations on them. A combined Kordson and Tronar combination brought down both of them.

When the battle with the two tomb raiders was completed, Nanzad the Kordson was quick to take the eye from the dead grasp of Tyran and pop it back into the socket of the skeleton resting on the throne with in the chamber. This put all of the wondering undead to rest for good, and released the seal that was on the outer doors. From that point on it was mostly wrap-up. The stolen crowns were decided to remain lost, the tablet was returned home to the Scared Earth tribe along with the head of each of the tieflings, and the coalition had its newest member. The muscle of the Scared Earth tribe was a very welcomed member



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