A Gathering of Tribes

Crawling Trampling Rage?

The night began with the group healing up after the encounter in the fire trapped room, before they approached the double doors, and what may waiting beyond. It was the well trained shifter ears of Ghostwalker that picked up on the sounds of movement and a loud crash, but not ahead of them, behind them.

As he made his way back down the trapped hall toward the stairs he heard the thump, thump, thump, as something tumbled down the stairwell toward him. He braced himself as it neared, however he was relieved and horrified all at the same time when saw the unknown item come to rest at his feet. It was the torn off head of the harpy which had fled, the one that had failed to lure Ghostwalker off the cliff above (obviously she chose a poor time to return to her nest).

The group wanting to know what lay behind them, agreed to allow a somewhat stealthy Ghostwalker to ascend the stairwell to get an idea of what was above. Ghostwalker (who missed Fader) took one step after another, making his way slowly and somewhat quietly up the out of the darkness. He stopped just shy of the top of the stairs to stare in disbelief. There at the top, partially blocking the entrance was torn and raked torso of a horse. As he built up the courage to climb a little more, he heard a loud roar, the flap of mighty wings, and the intake of air. That was enough, and as he turned to scamper back down the stairs, he felt the heat as the gout of flames licked at his fleeing form.

With the knowledge of what was above Hendrik suggested that they open the doors and deal with what was there, then they could seal themselves in and rest up, before dealing with what had to be a dragon. Maybe they would get lucky and find another way out beyond the doors (DM laughter was loud).

The Doors opened to reveal a throne room of sorts. The mummified bodies of a pair Minotaurs sat on thrones on a raised dais. Four bone cover columns held the ceiling, and on the floor between them was the engraved symbol of Baphomet, the Minotaur God. At the crack of the door a glyph summoned four more of the Hell Hounds, like those group faced in the earlier room. These flaming canines joined the other undead guardians of this chamber.

The group jumped into action right away as Tronar cut loose with his signature lightning attack, which blasted into two of the flaming hounds. When Hendrik and Nanzad charged into action to meet the undead in the center of the chamber, Ghostwalker and Charnel helped from the edges of the room.

When Tronar moved within reach of the columns he found that the boney appendages attached to them swatted at him, and when one on the hell hounds and a Minotaur skeleton choose him as a target, off to the side of the chamber, he thought it wiser to move back to a defensive positioning with the group. Nanzad, having been knocked prone, left us with the memory of the battle when he found it possible to crawl trample the feet and legs of the opponents, who drew additional attacks from Hendrik as they swatted at the crawling barbarian.

It was not long before the group had all the undead defenders down and now just dealt with the hell hounds, who had teamed up to do some considerable damage on the frontlines and dropped Ghostwalker into unconsciousness. In the end it was Hendrik (now remembering his aura) who push one of the flaming hounds away, While Tronar and Charnel teamed up on the other standing one, and Nanzad worked to guard, and heal the fallen Ghostwalker.

With the door barred they healed up and prepared for what was to come. In the hours of rest they found what must have been the goal of the One Horn’s search party, a shinny golden shield with the head off a bull engraved on its surface. Well from this point forward it would make a fine protective device for Hendrik, and would give him something to taunt One Horn’s forces with.

Hours later, once fully recovered the entire Group of the Hand ascended the stairs with Hendrik and the Kordson leading the way. As they pushed beyond the horse corpse into the light they saw the Red Dragon, who had sensed them long before. Although was still a young worm, it would be a serious opponent. It lifted into the air to land before them, covering them all with flames, and stunning all with fear except Charnel, who fought off the overwhelming will assault. Then he ripped into them with its claw and terrible bite attacks before he was even touched. This was going to be a tough battle.

Though it was, as Hendrik came very close to going down, and Ghostwalker also got mauled pretty well also, learning that the bite of a Dragon is something to respect. As the dragon attempted to fly away, it was fittingly Hendrik who stopped its wing flaps for the final time, slaying it with his mighty hammer.



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